aciclovar and recurring meningitis

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Posted by sarah brewer on 11 January 2012

I am currently in hospital suffering my 5th episode of viral meningitis and the neurologist is talking about putting me permanently on aciclovar, which I am currently having by IV. Has anyone else experienced taking the anti-vitals permanently and if so any possible side-effects ?

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Posted on 17 February 2015

Comment by Victoria Avrutis

Hi! Was diagnosed with meningitis and encephalitis HSV1 Dec 18, 14. I left the hospital on my own a week later. Only to return Jan 5, 15. I was on the same medication for 2 weeks while in the hospital. It was also my 5th time. I'm now 54. I got it the first time when I was 16. About 15 years later I got it again. Now it seems about every 5-6 years I get it. They said I will get it again. The doctors say now study showed that antiviral drug will prevent the next time. So....I'm not taking it.

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