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Posted by jenny halley on 21 April 2012

As a new mam at the age of 18 i got the fright of my life when my little man got sick, he was just 8 weeks old we were at home and something wasnt right he wasnt feeding he was screaming for ages and nothing could console him!! so eventually that evening i rang the care doctor to come out and check him over he looked at him (not thoroughly) and said he was teething and he would be fine, but i new it was more then that, that night when i put him to bed he finally went asleep after crying for hours i fell asleep myself but not really i was half awake worrying! not to long later i woke up with just a bad feeling i looked at james there he was having a seizure in the cot i took him out and rushed him to the hospital eventually after waiting for ages the doctors revived him!! they did lots of tests including a lumber puncture and the next day it was confirmed he had meningitis he was put in to darkened isolation and put on many ivs in his arms legs and head, he had 7 seizures while in hospital. I was brought in to a small room and they sat me down and listed all the effects that the disease could have on him after much agony and pain james made a full recovery after a few weeks and was left home. but not for long he was back in within a few days with pneumonia his immune stystem was very low and for years after james was very sick with every kinds of illnesses he had surgery done on his heart at the age of 6 due ta stress and damage on it and thank god he is like a new child hasnt been sick in a hole year nearly 2. he is our little fighter and a miracle. so i would say to everyone never trust anyone over your own instinct you no best if james didnt have that seizure he would not be hear today the disease would have took his life.


Posted on 06 June 2012

Comment by aleesha c

I've always been told to trust your instincts when it comes to your children. My 3 year old son fell ill a few weeks ago it started with a high temp on the Friday the following day he seem to perk up but still had the temp.Sunday morning he didn't want to get up and had difficulties waking him, his feet where freezing and high i phoned the nhs direct and gave them his symptoms she told me he would need an ambulance so i immediately thought meningitis.After having a check up at a&e the doctor told me he had tonsillitis and sent me on my way with antibiotics.He didn't improve just slept the clock round and seemed not with it when he woke started to complain of a the Wednesday i thought i need to get a 2nd opinion off my gp.I made the mistake of telling him the diagnosis a&e had given me so he had a quick look at the back of his throat and said yes its tonsillitis.In my mind i thought there is something so wrong but why are they getting it wrong i started to think I'm being an anxious mother.The following night hes cry changed to a cry id never heard before i felt sick to my stomach that it had now changed to something more serious and my son was very sick.I got him to a&e where they straight away did the lumbar puncture.The test came back positive for pneumococcal meningitis, my emotions were all over the place i felt distraught that it could of been missed and guilt why i didn't push more when i took him to the doctors to listen to my concerns.I would say to anyone please if you have a feeling your child is seriously ill don't trust what anyone says you know your child better than anyone.

Posted on 18 May 2012

Comment by Dodie

James' story is not unlike mine. - except I was 10 months old and it was 1973. I had been screaming for hours and, when I finally fell asleep, my mom was thankful I was resting. My dad, having first aid training, knew to try to wake me when he checked in on me (to ensure I was really sleeping). My dad found I wasn't sleeping but actually seizing. He didn't wait for an ambulance, he rushed me to the hospital. Doctors took me right from my father's arms before checking me in, so I've been told. Doctors started IV antibiotics before the lumbar puncher came back positive for spinal meningitis and encephalitis. I seized for the next 72 hrs on and off, without waking up, my parents were told "IF she survives, she'll never be the same".
Obviously I did survive and no I was never the same. I'm 40 now and live with moderate to severe disabilities. BUT I'm alive and I make a difference in this world. I help make life more accessible to others with disabilities.
Had my father not followed his instincts that night and checked on a "sleeping" baby, I wouldn't be here. So, I 100% agree with you, follow your instincts when it comes to your child and your own body too!!
I wish all the best to you and to young James. He has a tough road ahead of him and he'll need a strong advocate in you - But I think he already has one *smile*

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