Strength within


Posted by Jay pugsley on 08 June 2012

Hi everyone. I suffered the HIB strain at 21 months old. If it was not for my mother asking for a 2nd opinion from another doctor I don't think I would be here today. I spent 5 weeks in hospital. Mum said I left hospital like a newborn and had to be taught everything all over again. I did not walk till I was 3 was told I would never ride a bike but proved them wrong. I suffered mild hearing loss in both ears only to later lose all my hearing in my left when I was ten. Doctors said that was damage caused 8 years earlier. A lot of physical problems can be overcome it took years of dedication from my mother taking me to physio therapy speech therapy to make me as normal as anyone can be. She has also made me have the drive to push my body to the limit I am now 30 and spend a lot of time working on strength. Meningitis effects the body years later physically that's why I work on body conditioning. I think I have proved myself that nothing is impossible and you can live your life to the fullest with a little bit of hard work I have been NSW state champion in swimming. I have taken up karate as a sport to improve my balance that has always been bad.

Would just like to say that I would have a lot of physical problems speech problems but it took years of hard work and dedication of my mother and father pushing me to do the best in life. I do have memory problems and difficulty comprehending but I just have to except that it's just me.

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