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Posted by Claire Wright on 02 May 2012

Meningitis Research Foundation would like to thank the Ear Foundation for inviting us to take part in one of their training days. A bespoke programme of training was delivered to the Devon County Council Adult Social Care Sensory Team. The team was made up of social workers with deaf people and rehabilitation workers working with hearing impairment.

I gave a talk about meningitis and it’s after effects, whilst Frances Grant from the West of England Cochlear Implant Programme and Lyndsey Allen from the Ear Foundation presented information about cochlear implants for adults and children.

It was a really interesting and interactive day for all, allowing information to be shared across the different organisations. As always, by far the most stimulating talk was given by someone with experience of the disease. Wanda Knight, a member of MRF, who was deafened by meningitis six years ago and now wears a cochlear implant, gave an incredibly insightful talk about her personal experience of the disease and the ongoing challenges that her and her husband Nick face.

Pauline Simpson who requested the day from the Ear foundation said that “the team found it really helpful, all the speakers were really good and gave us information and knowledge that was applicable, helpful and at the right level”.

Claire Wright
Medical Information Officer


Posted on 20 January 2015

Comment by Terrance Adams

I've been blessed to make it through the coma and now Im woke Im deaf and I'm trying to be strong for everyone but sometimes I feel like I don't want to live anymore like this I'm looking for any way to get my hearing and my soul back please help me

Posted on 10 June 2013

Comment by bonniecarter

please have someone contact me by phone 3867176636 to discuss symtoms,diagnosis and treatment for suspected menengitis

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