Hair Loss after Meningitis


Posted by Heidi Godfrey-Jones on 12 January 2010

I would like to know if anyone had ever experience hair loss after meningococcal meningitis?


Posted on 23 March 2017

Comment by Susan Ellenburg

I had viral meningitis two years ago and lost 75% of my hair but it did grow back and is fuller now.

Posted on 17 March 2017

Comment by Rajib kumar

I had viral meningitis when i was 16 from severe chicken pox. Now I am 20. I still have severe neck stiffness. I had tightness in my brain. I have serious sleep problem and burning sensation from head to body. My neck is shrinking and i am losing weight severely. Another serious problem is that I can not socialize with people after this. I can not look at people's face and head. It hampers my daily activity and study.I suffered from serious depression.

Posted on 04 August 2016

Comment by Kathy Davis

Hi,I'm a 68 year old woman who had bacterial meningitis in April. In Feb of 2013, I had viral meningitis. Did not notice hair loss from the viral meningitis but am now losing hair 3 mos after the bacterial meningitis. My theory is the heavy antibiotics (including vancomysin) are responsible for the hair loss. PS- I got meningitis twice because I had a cerebrospinal fluid leak in my sphenoid sinus, which has since been surgically repaired.

Posted on 27 June 2016

Comment by Madhu jain

My daughter had viral meningitis in April 2016 she was sick for 10 days with very high fever and went through one spinal tap. In May her hair started to fall out and are still falling she has one fourth hair left and looks very thin. I desperately need to know that how many people have used regenepure and did it really help?

Thank you,
Desperate mother

Posted on 08 February 2016

Comment by Monica Marsh

I had bacterial meningitis back in October 2015. I was also diagnosed with septicemia. I have been losing my hair in hand fulls. I see this is common among survivors. I want to know if it grows back? Will I go completely bald.?

Posted on 05 January 2016

Comment by farah moazinzadeh

My sister recently had menigitis pneumo and has lot of hair loss and loss in hearing. Also insecurity, anxiety and fear. Will these side effects eventually subside. Does anyone know if it is good to take a vaccination to prevent meningitis?

Posted on 29 April 2015

Comment by Nithin K Rajan

the age of 15 I affected menigetics and I admtd the hospital 15 days.when I came back from hospital after one month my hair losing problrm iam in 23 still the problem is going there any remedy for this prblm..plz help me

Posted on 31 March 2015

Comment by Molly

I had pneumoccocal meningitis in Oct/ Nov. ICU and 2 weeks in hospital. Like many others who have posted, I have had hair loss 3 months after, hearing loss in left ear, loss of balance. I am relieved to find these posts, as my doctors do not seem to have extensive experience with meningitis and have not been able to advise what to expect. I am getting better each day, symptoms are subsiding slowly. Chin up to all!

Posted on 09 February 2015

Comment by Liz Parker

Entered hospital 10/31/14. Diagnosis: Bacterial meningitis. Two weeks of heavy antibiotics. Eventually home. Complete hearing loss in my left ear.Ongoing balance issues. And, as of 1/20/15, hair falling out it clumps. I expect my hair to be completely gone before the school year ends. I'm a teacher. This experience was and is... surreal.

Posted on 02 June 2014

Comment by Zoe Needham

Hi just an update on my hair loss... I'm happy to say it has stopped, and I'm noticing an inch of re growth in different areas, it will take a few year to catch up and get back to normal but I'm over the moon... So anyone else out there keep ya chin up... I took a good multi vitamin, and also biotin tablets and a good expensive shampoo for hair loss by aveda... Good luck anyone out there who is experiencing this, it dies get better x

Posted on 27 March 2014

Comment by Zoe Needham

I also forgot to add, the deafness I now suffer causes very bad balance! I also have severe tinnitus, also suffer from muddled words, which is frustrating! I spent 3 days in intensive care and a further 16 days on the ward.... Yes lucky to be here however the hair loss is horrific!! It's my crown and glory, always had thick glossy long locks! Now it's thinning and the texture is different! Yes as a previous comment said there is wigs out there etc however we have been through enough! I'm devastated at the thought all my hair may go! And may never be the same again :(

Posted on 26 March 2014

Comment by Zoe Needham

Hi, I suffered bacterial meningitis in November/December 2013 I'm very lucky to be alive, I'm now complete deaf in my right ear, however the last 2 weeks my hair has been falling out in clumps! And I don't suppose the worry of this is helping! It's devastating to think we have all been to hell and back to now lose out hair! Something must work to prevent more loss!

Posted on 28 July 2013

Comment by Connie H

After reading the previous comments I think hair loss is more common than Drs think. I am 3 months post bacterial meningitis and while I've been losing my hair since I got home from the hospital 2 months ago this past week it's really coming out in handfuls. I too am very grateful to be alive. Other after effects I have are being mostly deaf in my right ear (I think this may be getting better), not being able to process what I do hear correctly (I have to ask all the time what certain sounds are), I have balance issues to the point of falling sometimes, my vision is ok, but kind of weird, and I mix up words all the time. I do feel that I get a little better every day but this hair loss thing has me worried. Like others have asked- will I go completely bald? And, will it come back?

Posted on 21 June 2013

Comment by Dilip Singh

My brother had the hair loss after the MENINGITIS and tried so many treatments to regain his hair but didn't get any satisfactory result. One day I was searching treatment over the internet and found a product Minoxidil at I contacted them and they just suggested what to do and how to use it. I advised my brother to do so and just after 4-5 days he found it was working so speedily and the results were so better more than his expectation. If anyone has balding problem of any type I would suggest to at least try once I have seen my brother lost his confidence without hair so I can understand how one can feel without hair.

Posted on 28 May 2013

Comment by Anna

Hi, my son had meningococcal meningitis we were 12 days in the hospital since 9th of June. Now I can see a bald spot like 1-2 cm on his head. But it seems it "was" bald and now the hair started to grow back. I sent a message to our doc infectious diseases so to ask if it's normal or not. As I can see above, it happens often.

Posted on 19 April 2013

Comment by hair regrowth

I never heard of it. How to cure that kind of disease? Is nioxin or rogain work for that? Reloxe from is the only one worked for hair loss that i have been using

Posted on 08 January 2013

Comment by Lauren Smith

I had viral meningitis in Sept. 2012 and was in the hospital for 6 days. I started noticing my hair loss in Dec 2012 and it just continues to fall out at an alarming rate. I'm 24 and do not want to be bald! I know everyone is different, but does the hair loss stop before baldness is reached and does it grow back?

Posted on 17 July 2012

Comment by Sheila

I had bacterial meningitis a month ago. I have fully recovered, but now I am experiencing hair loss. For the past week, a lot of hair has come out of my head. I would like to know more.

How long does this last? How much hair do I expect to come out? Does one go completely bald?

Thank you

Posted on 17 March 2012

Comment by dahlia W

I have meningitis and hair loss but its not a big deal theres wigs fo that
I am alive thanx to God and this medicine called Diflucan so thats the best medecine

Posted on 08 February 2012

Comment by tammy

hi everyone who have the same problem of hair loss, here is the advise i can give drink vital vitamins and use dermatol hair food, you apply it on affected areas. it does do wonders

Posted on 25 January 2012

Comment by Michael Soo

Hair loss is caused by many factors, such as stress, medications, environment, diet and even genetics. However one of the common culprit that causes hair loss in a lot of our Hollywood male stars is a hormone called DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This is a derivative from the male hormone testosterone and when it comes in contact with the delicate hair follicles, this cause excessive hair fall or what is also named androgenetic alopecia.


Posted on 10 January 2012

Comment by afrah

@Claire Wright : thank you for your info

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Posted on 09 December 2011

Comment by Rena Graham

I am 25 years old now, but I had bacterial meningitis when I was 3 months olds. I have no memory of every smelling in my life. Doctors think I smelled up until I got the meningitis. I also can still taste. I might want some extra salt or butter, but I can taste for sure. I don't know why this is either, I was googling and came across what you wrote.

Graham @ [url=]FUE Singapore[/url]

Posted on 23 September 2011

Comment by Wendy S

Yes, I had hair loss. I use a hair loss shampoo
Called Regenepure DR. It has an ingredient called Keroconazole that stopped my hair from falling out. All quality ingredients. Check out

Posted on 13 September 2011

Comment by hairloss treatments

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Posted on 13 September 2011

Comment by hairloss treatments

I have read your above article post on hair loss after meningitis. Before three months I was also suffering form hair fall problems. I had take n a hair loss treatment program for curing my hair. Now I have very good hairs.

Posted on 13 August 2011

Comment by Sarah Hogan

I had viral meningitis 6 years ago. I lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks, and was hospitalilzed. I have been told over and over how lucky I was, and I feel lucky now that there are so few ongoing symptoms. I do have ongoing memory issues, and recovered from severe depression the year following. I also have had hair loss just on the two sides of my head toward the top. I have tried lots of things, saw a nutritionist for 2.5 years, have tried every kind of topical conditioner for hair growth, seen many doctors. My most recent visit to the doctor included a blood test. My levels were mostly normal but I had low cholesterol and high vitamin D. Interesting since the brain's sheath is made up of cholesterol, and VIt D is a fat soluble vitamin. I am thinking that I might need to try to increase my cholesterol since maybe my cholesterol absorption was affected. It explains the high Vit D too, if that is not being broken down and absorbed. I am also wondering if there is an iron connection, thanks to the person who included that in their previous comment, I am going to research more and include more animal products in my diet. It is strange to be trying to raise my cholesterol, but this makes the most sense to me after so many years of trying to figure it out. PS. After the first year the initial hair loss resolved and now it is more an issue of thinner hair that breaks pretty easily in those areas. Good luck to all, this disease is gross!

Posted on 03 August 2011

Comment by Mike

I had a severe fever and was never properly diagnosed as Meningitis but we all assume that was it. About 4 months after I had recovered I lost all my hair, Alopecia Universalis was the diagnosis by a specialist. I went from a full head of hair to none pretty much overnight. After the shock wore off I had to change my passport because I looked nothing like my old self. Eyebrows and eyelashes even gone. 7 Years later my hair is growning back white. Getting thicker and thicker each few months. Basically your immune system goes full alert after experiencing such a fever as I had. Bacteria (good ones) around the hair folicles are mistaken as bad bacteria by your immune system and goes after them. Good news is it doesnt necessarily destroy the folicle but keeps it dormant in my case. I went for cortizone, and chemical treatments but decided in the end to just live with it and let nature take its course. I agree with the the one person who also mentioned hearing issues after menigitis, I experienced that as well and still do. I had to quit hockey because my balance was gone. I wish everyone out there with a similar story all the best. It is just cosmetic (although drastic) but we all have good health otherwise. It didnt kill you so hopefully it made you stronger. Thanks for this forum. Very interesting to read similar events to mine.

Posted on 21 July 2011

Comment by Cathy Wight

I am 4 months post bacterial meningitis and I have been experiencing hair loss for the past month. Blood tests are fine. My Dr. feels it is my body's reaction to the shock of the sudden and severe illness. Says he will send me to a dermatologist if I wish. I am left with stone deafness in my right ear and a drunken sailor gait. I don't want to be bald too!

Posted on 10 June 2011

Comment by Sarah Wilson

My daughter had Bacterial meningitus, caused by pseudamonas, cholosteatoma, mastoiditus and a sinus thrombosis, she is on the road to recovery but I am at a loss with the aftercare, which has been none so far. She has memory problems, behavioural problems and is now suffering hairloss, she has probably lost half her hair in the past couple of weeks. Can anyone please offer any advice or guidance that may help.

Posted on 15 April 2011

Comment by Sian Murphy

I had bacterial meningitis at the end of January this year. I spent 2 days in ITU and a further 2 weeks on a ward! I'm fully aware that I'm considerably lucky to have been left with hardly any side effects, I sometimes muddle my words which can be frustrating!
I have however noticed a large amount of hair falling out, especially when it's being washed or brushed! I'm not sure if it's linked to the meningitis but I'm going back to see my consultant on the 26th of this month and I'll definitely be asking if it's linked!

Posted on 20 March 2011

Comment by Kathy

I had bacterial meningitis in Dec 2010 and was in the hospital for 14 days. I am 43 year old and my hair just started to fall out 2 weeks ago. My hair is all over the place, it is very scary. I am not sure if it will continue until all my hair is all gone but my family and friends say they do not notice, I am not sure if they are just saying this. My doctor sent me to do blood work and advised me to use Nioxin scalp therapy. Don't know if it will work. I really hope that the hair loss will not continue and will grow back. Friends and family just tell me don't worry and that the stress of all of it will make it worse but I can't help but worry. I would like to know how people handle this hair loss without stressing about it.

Posted on 15 March 2011

Comment by mary snider

I had Ehrlichioses resulting in meningoencephalitis in Sept/Oct 2010, in hospital 45 days. Lucky to be here but have suffered vision, balance, and hair loss issues. It's March and all are continuing, but seem to be better. I also have anxiety issues and speech problems using the incorrect words for things. (mostly names) These issues also seem improved. I would love an answer to the hair issue, if anyone has learned anything that helps.

Posted on 01 March 2011

Comment by Tina Armitage

I had viral meningitis end of November 2010 and was in hospital for 2 weeks, still not fully recovered my hair started falling out 3 weeks ago and am getting concerned as how much more will fall out. I had 2 rather bad lumber puncture proceedures the 1st time it took 4 attempts and the 2nd two attempts by the Doctors so not very impressed. Still have a tingling sensation in my legs when moving my chin onto my chest but doctors say this should disappear in time. Saw a report on the news a while ago and it stated that the viral meningitis was mild, well who ever made that stupid comment obviously has never had it.

Posted on 24 February 2011

Comment by fem_30_uk

here same sumtym my hair fall out when 2 washin or brush. i became deaf at 2 yrs old by meningitis makes my hair thin.

Posted on 11 February 2011

Comment by Kim Houser

I had viral meningitis in September 2010. It was never determined which enterovirus I had. I was hospitalized for 9 days and then released to the care of my family for the next several weeks. Like many other folks have posted, I'm still struggling with several things since being diagnosed including memory loss, residual headaches, speech problems and a change in eyesight. In November my hair began falling out. At the end of December, my primary care physician ran some blood tests, but everything came back OK. He sent me to a dermatologist who thinks it's most likely a "post stress shedding event." I was prescribed Clobetasol Propionate, Rogaine, Biotin and a daily vitamin. I've been very vigilant about following all instructions yet six weeks later (and five months post-diagnosis) my hair is still falling out. It's embarrassingly thin now. Any idea how long this will continue? Will the memory loss, headaches, and speech problems get better with time?

Posted on 10 February 2011

Comment by Sue Mann

Follow-up to my earlier post and response to Renee, I also had bacterial meningitis--in March 2010. In June my hair began to fall out--big clumps at a time. Most of it fell out. My mom had sent me a full strength tea tree forumala for hair--shampoo and oil to put on on night--maybe that helped. There were a few strands left but I cut those off. My hair is growing back in, its darker and curlier, but it is fine. Memory, sight, strength, etc. are all coming back. Good luck with your recovery.

Posted on 14 January 2011

Comment by Marc Carillet

I read some of the posts and I would like to share my experience on Propecia. I’m 25 and have a hair loss problem since last 5 yrs. I tried many drugs, shampoos, gels and creams and finally I settled for Propecia Finasteride since last two years.

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After year and a half, today 80% of my receding hairline disappeared with negligible side effects. You have an opportunity to save $ 20/- on propecia purchase. Buy genuine generic propecia finasteride from - These guys are best in quality and fast in delivery. Propecia 1mg costs $ 15.99/- for ONE MONTHS OF SUPPLY - Just go for it and save 15% on Propecia purchase…

Posted on 26 December 2010

Comment by Renee Montecinos

I had bacterial meningitis in September. Ended up in ICU for almost two weeks then in a regular room for another week and a half. I'm 33 years old and for the first week I was sent home I had to use a walker to gain strength back in my legs. I have suffered from migraines, memory loss, speech problems, vision loss and now my hair is falling out. I literally lose handfuls everyday. Each morning my pillow is cover. While I fix my hair I have to take breaks to use a lint brush on my clothes. I'm afraid that soon I'll be bald and may have to start using a wig. Has anyone found anything to help with the hair loss?

Posted on 17 November 2010

Comment by debbie greer

I got meningtis from a tick.I got sick at the end of august and september.I had never been so sick in my life and l am 54 years.Never did see a tick on me.I spent 4 days in icu and 4 days in the other rooms.Took me about 5 weeks after i came to get to feeling better.In november i started lossing my hair.Went to my family doctor and he sad it was age.I disagree .I NEED A DR. ON MENINGTIS

Posted on 17 November 2010

Comment by debbie greer

I got meningtis from a tick.I got sick at the end of august and september.I had never been so sick in my life and l am 54 years.Never did see a tick on me.I spent 4 days in icu and 4 days in the other rooms.Took me about 5 weeks after i came to get to feeling better.In november i started lossing my hair.Went to my family doctor and he sad it was age.I disagree .I NEED A DR. ON MENINGTIS

Posted on 13 September 2010

Comment by Katie Macleod

I would also like to add that i have been having some sort of problem when speaking whilst holding a conversation with friends and family i have noticed that i know what im going to say when in a conversation but for some reason sometimes something totally different would come out.

Posted on 13 September 2010

Comment by Katie Macleod

Hi I had meningitis septicaemia in October 2009. It was the worst experience of my life and 11 months on I'm still experiencing symptoms my hair is falling out really badly where Ive got bold patches coming up its falling out everywhere Ive even had to have my hair cut short to see if it helps with the growth but nothings changed, i have really bad memory loss a lack of concentration, And suffer really badly with headaches and migraines. May have to go back to the doctors maybe go for more tests MRI,CT scans which i had numerous amounts whilst in hospital.

Posted on 14 July 2010

Comment by Linda Nguyen

I had hair loss that was so bad I was sweeping it up, mopping it up. I would wake up with clumps on my pillow. I was shedding hair everywhere and was constantly taking it from my clothing and washing machine. Everytime I washed my hair I would recover a hair ball from the tub. I had to contantly clean my comb and brush. Because I was so happy to be alive, it was the least of what I had suffered. I just figured it was a side effect like some of the other symptoms I experienced. I believe that I am finally starting to regrow my hair and I notice less hair loss. I am eight months post meningitis. I thank and trust God for my recovery so far, and I hope to keep recovering from all of my other residual symptoms.

Posted on 12 July 2010

Comment by Sue Mann

I had pneumococcal meningitis in March 2010. I started to loose my hair in June--about 4 months after the onset. Fortunately I did have a lot of hair, but the hair loss is continuing at a significant rate and I think I will have to go back to the doctor--probably start with the infectious disease group.
Would welcome suggestions.

Posted on 20 April 2010

Comment by Claire Wright

Hair loss is not known in the literature to be a direct after effect of meningitis and similarly is not an effect that is common amongst our members (in a recent survey 1.5% of our members experienced short term hair loss after recovery and 0.5% experienced long term hair loss).

More common physical after effects of this illness tend to be memory loss or lack of concentration, residual headaches, co-ordination problems, deafness or hearing problems, learning difficulties, epilepsy, speech problems and a loss or change in sight.

Many survivors of meningitis experience emotional problems in the early stages of recovery and the experience of becoming ill with this disease can be extremely distressing for survivors. It is therefore important for the person recovering from this illness to get the practical and emotional support they need.

We encourage people affected by meningitis to become members of the charity. Currently we have 15,000 members and supporters, and membership is offered for free to those with experience of meningitis or septicaemia. If you’d like to become a member or talk things over with someone, please call our FREEfone 24-hour helpline on 080 880 3344.

Best wishes 

Posted on 20 April 2010

Comment by Annonmus guy

I am 16 and just had viral meningitis in january-till February and like im starting to lose some of my hair lately :( and im very worried.

Posted on 21 March 2010

Comment by Tina Saragoza

My son just had meningitis in January. He has a spot on the back of his head the size of a silver dololar where there is absolutely no hair...hard yo hide when you're a guy. Considering that he had a less than 20% chance of living ~ we'll take the bald spot.

Posted on 28 February 2010

Comment by karen welsh

Thank you very much , I will check it out.

Posted on 27 February 2010

Comment by Heidi Godfrey-Jones

Karen I have discovered it is either the medication or just the body trauma. The body does not see hair as important when fighting a strong disease. THe thing to check is you ferritin levels. Hair Regrowth happens when you leves are 70 or above, mine is only at 27, so i have some tablets from the doctor. I did not lose all of it, so try not worry too much, it is just very thin, but most people say that until i point it out they would not know. So hopefully this may help. The other natural remedies are to eat as much iron based products as you can.

Posted on 26 February 2010

Comment by karen welsh

I had meningitis in Oct 2010. I'm just now starting to lose my hair. I'm blaming the heavy doses of medication including prednisone. Wondering how much i will lose before it stops.

Posted on 16 February 2010

Comment by Heidi Godfrey-Jones

Tiffany, Would love to email you but I can't see your email address.

Would be really great to swap stories. I had Meningitis in October so it is recent for me too :-)


Posted on 15 February 2010

Comment by Tiffany Perry

I have not personally had meningitis, but a very close friend of mine was diagnosed a couple of months ago, and she is having this problem. Please email me, we would love to compare symptoms. She is still going through a rough time, and we are at a loss here. Not sure if she was misdiagnosed, or if this is normal. Her doctor claims it is not.

Posted on 02 February 2010

Comment by Corin hickey

Has any one suffered from hair loss after meningitis ?

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