40 years after viral meningitis h

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Posted by Christina Haskins on 30 April 2014

I am having substantial neurological issues. I often wonder if there is any relation of my symptoms that became very pronounced 20 years after the meningitis. I was tested in 2005 and was found to have herpes 3-7 and was told that the demylenation in my brain may be due to the porosity of the blood brain barrier created by the viral meningitis. I really need some guidence now as I have developed painful symptoms. Thank you for your Iinput.

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Posted on 07 May 2014

Comment by Emma Broadhurst

Hi I was diagnosed with viral meningitis 10 years ago while I was pregnant my long term effects have been cognitive short term memory loss terrible fatigue and some confusion. But 2 years ago i had a minor accident and since then I have become disabled suffering with a neurological disorders called complex regional pain syndrome also names reflex sympathetic dystrophy. One of my neuro consultants suggested that this could also be a after effect of the viral meningitis. I am in constant pain unable to walk without crutches but can only do this around my home if out I am in a wheel chair also suffer foot drop. Crps/rsd is quite rare so they can't be 100% it's caused by the meningitis but it's a big possibility . If you are starting to suffer pain I really hope it isn't this disorder has its totally horrendous. X

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