The FREE shot you won't regret - UK Student Meningitis Vaccination #StopTheSpread 2016

If you are under 25 and starting university for the first time,

you need to get the free MenACWY vaccine

from your GP as soon as possible.

It protects you and helps stop the spread to others.

University freshers (in England, Wales and Northern Ireland only*): 
Ideally first year students should arrange to get MenACWY from their GP at least 2 weeks before they go away to study. Any first year students not immunised before they start should get the vaccine by registering with their university health centre or other GP practice. 
*Information for university freshers enrolling on courses in Scotland:
Scotland will not be running a Universities Freshers programme this year. Due to the success of their MenACWY programme offered to all 14-18 year olds in Scotland during 2015/16 the majority of Scottish entrants to university will have already been vaccinated and there therefore isn’t a need for a specific freshers programme this year. Unvaccinated students coming from other parts of the UK to study in Scotland should ensure they get vaccinated before they travel to Scotland as there is no guarantee the MenACWY vaccine will be available at Scottish university health centres and GP practices.

Help to #StopTheSpread and save lives

Page last updated 14.09.16

Know the symptoms

Until we have vaccines for all forms of meningitis and septicaemia, it is vital that everyone knows the symptoms of the diseases. Early recognition and treatment lead to the best possible outcome for people with meningitis and septicaemia.

By knowing the symptoms, you could help save lives and avert disabilities.

Download the symptoms

Order symptoms resources free in the UK