Terri A. McCoy

England Bacterial meningitis Adult 25-59 Recovery with After Effects Memory Loss
I am a 47 yr. old woman. That contracted Spinal Meningitis at 10 mo. of age. may of 1965 to be exact. I have suffered from Kidney Stones sense I was a child. I do not know if is an after affect of the disease.

"My mother said I ran 108"

I also have noticed that no matter how sick I am I do not run a fever. My mother said I ran 108* fever for seven days, and the doctors at that time said I had burned out the receptor in my brain. I have also noticed that I am very forgetful.

I blame it on age, but I do think it is something more serious than that. I have no recollection of my childhood except for very minor moments. I Have asked doctor about the side or long term effects but not one of them have ever given me an answer. Just thought Id share. I am dumbfounded by this disease and have never gotten any answers.

Terri McCoy

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