Lola Duncalf

Lola Duncalf

Lola was born on 10th March 2011. She is the lovely daughter of her loving parents, myself (Lauren) and her father Andrew. 

"She has been such a happy child every day of her life",- says Lola's mother.

Unfortunately after just ten short months Lola contracted a very rare strain of meningitis and septicaemia, a strain so rare that the doctors said that nothing could have helped her. 

Unfortunately she went from doing her best dance moves on Monday night (the 23rd of January), to being very ill by the Tuesday and eventually passing away from us all on Tuesday evening. 

Nobody would have known there was something this serious wrong with her. We have been left broken hearted and wondering why. We came to the conclusion that she was just too special for this world. 

We will love and think of her every day until we can hopefully be reunited. We love you Lola with all our heart. X

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