Ian Alexander

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Ian Alexander

When I was two months old I was unwell so my mother took me to our GP.

He examined me and diagnosed a heavy cold/flu. I had a bit of a cough so he prescribed cough medicine.

Later that afternoon I was no better and my mother called the doctors again and this time got a home visit. The doctor said that he agreed with the first doctor.

Later that evening I was decidedly worse and my mother called the surgery again and got the doctor to come out and see me. It was a different doctor again. This time he diagnosed meningitis. My parents hadn't heard about meningitis and when the doctor said I needed to be in hospital my parents were going to take me on the bus. The doctor said, "no, we'll get an ambulance".

"My parents were told I wouldn't make it through the night."

Well, when I got to the hospital my parents were told I wouldn't make it through the night. After screaming the place down all night the consultant was amazed I was alive. He told my parents if I survived the next 72 hours the best case scenario would be that I would be on medication all my life, I would need 24 hour care, I would need to go to a special needs school and I would never walk or talk.

I came off the medication when I was seven, I didn't need 24 hour care, went to ordinary school, never stopped walking or talking.

I took up running in November 2014 and have completed 1 Ultra Marathon, 5 Marathons, 15 Half Marathons and numerous 10ks and 5ks.

It was last year whilst running the London Marathon that I saw vests for Meningitis Research Foundation and rang up and became a fundraising supporter.

In September last year, I'm very proud to say, I became an ambassador for the charity.

Ian Alexander
November 2017

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