04 Apr 2023 - 06 Apr 2023

London Loot 2023

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About the event

You are all invited to join us in London for one of the largest student Megaraids in the country on it's 25th Anniversary!

London Loot offers you the opportunity to give your challenge total a fantastic boost! You will have access to some of the best collection permits in the country including overground and underground stations across London and the City of London itself.

If you are fundraising against a trip or challenge you have the option to buy an accommodation ticket or a non-accommodation ticket. A ticket that includes accommodation for two nights in London at the Generator Hostel is £50, which includes a £25 registration fee to be paid upfront when signing up. A non-accommodation ticket is £20 which includes a £10 registration fee when signing up. This will secure your space for this very popular event!

 If you attend at least two other collections before Loot then you do not need to pay the secondary £25 or £10 payment, so simply you will get 50% off the price of your tickets! Look below in the FAQ's to learn more about this offer!

If you are simply fundraising for your RAG to raise money for MRF and are not fundraising for a trip, we will require a small refundable deposit if staying in the accommodation. This is just £10 to secure your accommodation which will be refunded at the Generator Hostel.

As you will need to be in the Generator at 5:30am to pick up your permit each day, we only recommend buying a non-accommodation ticket if you live close enough to the Generator Hostel to get there for 5:30am.

Tickets are first come, first served and as we only have a limited number available they will sell out fast!

Are you confused or unclear about anything to do with London Loot 2023? Please contact us at students@meningitis.org or call 0333 405 6272 and we will be happy to answer any of your queries!

  • 3.30pm-5.30pm – Check in to the Generator
  • 6pm-7pm – Briefing talk
  • 7:30pm – Social in the Generator
  • 5.30am – Pre-allocated permits handed out
  • 7am-7pm – Collecting at train stations, across and just outside of London
  • 7:30pm - Hand in buckets at the Generator
  • 5.30am – Pre-allocated permits handed out
  • 7am-7pm – Collecting at train stations, across and just outside of London
  • 7.30pm – Hand in buckets at the Generator and travel home
What's included?
  • Collection permit in a London overground station, underground station and the City of London street permit

  • Bucket swaps throughout the day where possible

  • Staff support for the whole event

  • Your bucket, seals and stickers

  • Bespoke QR code and contactless (tap-on phone) app to collect non-cash donations

  • Accommodation at the Generator hostel (with an accommodation ticket)

  • Travel to and from the Generator hostel
  • Travel across London whilst collecting
  • Food
  • Your MRF t-shirt or Fancy Dress

Rag Collectors

As a Rag collector you have signed up to London Loot to fundraise for MRF and in return we can cover the cost of your accommodation (refundable deposit required to secure place). You will need to let us know whether you will be requiring accommodation or no accommodation during the event. We will provide you with buckets, seals and MRF stash as on the day so you do not need to bring any of this with you.


Frequently asked questions
  • Be sure to arrive at the Generator Hostel before 5.30pm on Tuesday 4th April in order to make our evening briefing!

  • Book your transport for after 8pm Thursday 6th April so you can make the most out of collecting!

  • If you’ve got a long journey home, we’d recommend booking an extra night’s stay at the Generator. https://staygenerator.com/

  • If you live locally you are welcome to buy a cheaper non-accommodation ticket and make your way over to the Generator in the morning.

  • You will need to be at the Generator for 5.30am! If this isn’t possible from where you’d like to stay we recommend you buy an accommodation ticket!


Here are our top tips for making the most out of London Loot:

  • Be loud! London is a loud place! Make sure you are as vocal as possible to stand out from the crowd!

  • Stick it out for the rush hours! 7-10am, 12-2pm and 4-7pm are the busiest times of day and when you’ll raise the most money! Make sure you are collecting for the majority of these times to maximise your total!

  • Fancy dress! A great outfit can really make you stand out from the crowd! Investing in a great bit of fancy dress really pays off!

  • Buddy up! Everything is easier with friends! Collect with a friend to keep each other motivated!


Your ticket price includes:

  • Collection permit in a London overground station, underground station and City of London street permit.

  • Bucket swaps throughout the day

  • Staff support for the whole event

  • Your buckets, seals and stickers

  • Bespoke QR code and contactless (tap-on phone) app to collect non cash donations

  • 1-2 nights of accommodation at the Generator Hostel (with an accommodation ticket!)

What’s not included?

  • Travel to and from the Generator hostel

  • Travel across London whilst collecting

  • Food

  • Your MRF t-shirt of Fancy Dress


In previous years the average raised by students has been £170.

However, if you are confident collector and follow our top tips for London Loot you could raise substantially more!

YES! If you have a friend that would like to fundraise on your behalf, then they are welcome to purchase a ticket. Please let us know where you would like the money they raise to be allocated to.

We follow a simple rule: what goes in your bucket goes to your total!


Your permit allows you to collect between 7am – 7pm, however we’d recommend you take breaks throughout the day!

The key times to collect are during rush hours which are:

  • 7-10am
  • 12-2pm
  • 4-7pm

Permits are pre-allocated to make sure it’s fair; however if you are late to permit handout in the morning, you may lose your permit to someone else!

We do the allocation the night before, so unfortunately we aren’t able to let you know where you’ll be collecting sooner!

  • London loot is a fantastic event where you not only have the opportunity to raise money for a fantastic cause but also meet all the wonderful people you will be taking on your summer challenge with.

  • Do not worry if you don’t feel confident collecting, we all get nervous. We will be holding how-to sessions before the event as well as sharing all the tips and trick of what to do and not to do in our briefing.

  • Anyone is welcome to attend, however, as we can’t cover travel costs, as an Irish student you will need to book your own flights

  • In order to make the most of the event, we’d recommend looking into booking an extra night at the Generator and flying back on April 15th

  • We also recommend that you follow the latest government advice in relation to Covid restrictions and safety - https://www.gov.ie/en/campaigns/c36c85-covid-19-coronavirus/

  • When you check in on the day, we will ask you if you want to buddy up with another collector for the event and make sure you’re collecting with them!

  • Loot is a fantastic social event too! Chat with and get to know people collecting near you, you may even meet people who are taking on your challenge!


If you friend is taking part in your challenge with you, you are more than welcome to buy a ticket for them.

In order to do this you will need their details, and their emergency contact details.


The deposit for an accommodation ticket is £25, with a further £25 to be paid closer to the date, and a non-accomodation ticket is a £10 deposit and a further £10 closer to the date. However, if you participate in at least two other collections before London Loot, you won't have to pay the second installment for either ticket! We are organising some collections in the UK and Ireland over the next few months, but if you would like to organise your own collections then please enquire at students@meningitis.org.

The collections we are organising so far are:
  • ​Bristol - 19th November 2022
  • Westminster - 10th December 2022
  • Dublin - 14th January 2023
  • Birmingham - 11th March 2023
The deadline for attending two collections is 12/03/23, so please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this offer and join us for any of these raids!
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