TeamMRF all set for the London marathon

20 Apr 2018
TeamMRF all set for the London marathon

There will be an incredible 100 people running the London marathon on Sunday 22 April to raise funds for Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF). Here we find out from a few of them what inspired them to take on such a challenge.

Alex Derry from south west London said, “On the 4th December 2016, my Mum (Trish) passed away from meningococcal septicaemia. We experienced first-hand the devastating cruelness and quickness of the disease. Mum was a wonderful, kind, gentle and caring lady who had very recently retired. She was looking forward to spending time looking after her first granddaughter and had many plans to travel and make the most of her well earnt free time. I’m running the marathon for MRF who do outstanding work including funding research, raising awareness of the disease and supporting people affected by the disease.”

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Oliver Kelly from Berkshire said, “A fit and healthy teenager, who was beautiful on many levels, contracted pneumococcal meningitis three years ago. Despite having immediate and the best medical attention, Abigail, my daughter, died within hours. MRF works relentlessly towards making sure that no one has to endure the pain of such a loss in the future. Training for, and then running my first marathon as I turn 50, has proven to be somewhat more physically painful than anything else I've done, but I can’t wait now to run in memory of a special young lady.”

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Martin Yaxley from Bradwell, Norfolk said, “I was diagnosed with E. coli meningitis shortly after I was born in 1988. My family tell me what a frightening time that was. On the ward there were six children all with meningitis. It was only me and one other that survived. The other child that survived lost limbs as a result of the meningitis and septicaemia, and although I looked fine from the outside I was left with complete hearing loss in my right ear and suffered with a speech impediment, which cleared up with speech lessons. I'm no athlete but I hope all the hard work and training will pay off. I hope that the money raised will help other children stand a chance of surviving the disease.”

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Sam Evans said, “My beautiful baby daughter Lara was just 10 days old when we noticed that she had a high temperature and her breathing had become very rapid. Suhani and I took her into A&E as a precaution and less than 24 hours later we were being told by the doctors to prepare ourselves for possibility of the worst outcome imaginable. Lara had meningitis and was deteriorating rapidly. Over the next few days Lara fought like crazy with around the clock intensive medical treatment. Thankfully she pulled through and she seems to be on track to have made a full recovery. However, her illness and the experience of those days will forever stay with Suhani, myself and our families. Sunday 22 April, the date of the London Marathon, marks Lara's first birthday. So I am running as a celebration for Lara, her strength and bravery and to raise money so that her experience can in some way benefit others.”

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“We’re grateful to all our runners and everyone who is supporting them for their incredible efforts. The funds that the #TeamMRF runners are working so hard to raise will help us enormously with our vital work including our research, awareness and support programmes. Together we will defeat meningitis and septicaemia wherever it exists. We wish you all the best of luck!” Rob Dawson, Director of Support at MRF

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