Policy on the use of animals in research

1.1 Meningitis Research Foundation will only fund research involving live animals when this is essential to the outcome of the research, there is no alternative method of obtaining the data, and when pain and distress to animals is minimised. Researchers supported on the Foundation’s grants must take account of advances in the refinement, replacement and reduction of animal use.

1.2 The use of animals must be fully justified in all applications for research grants.

1.3 The Foundation recognises that experiments on living animals are an essential part of research to improve the understanding and treatment of human and animal disease. The Charity requires, however, that all experiments should be carried out with due concern for the welfare of the animals, and using the minimum number necessary to provide clear data in well-designed experiments.

1.4 All research projects funded by the Foundation which involve the use of protected animals in regulated procedures under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 must have a Home Office project licence, and each individual working on experiments using animals must have a personal licence. Researchers undertaking projects involving animals outside the UK must take all necessary measures to comply with their country's regulations on the use of animals in scientific experiments.

1.5 The Foundation will not fund research applications which do not comply with this policy.

Elizabeth Granz
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