Code of conduct

Code of conduct for scientific advisors, external referees, applicants and Foundation staff

  1. Details of research applications and related correspondence, Scientific Advisory Panel meetings papers, and the identity of external referees are strictly confidential and must be kept secure and not disseminated to or discussed with others outside the review process.
  2. Panel members and external referees can expect that their comments will be treated in confidence by Foundation staff. Applicants can expect that Foundation staff will not disclose details of their applications to those outside the review process.
  3. When we inform applicants of the outcome of their applications, we provide anonymous versions of referees' comments, and may also summarise the conclusion reached by the Panel. Information that might identify the comments of individual Panel members or referees is never revealed.
  4. It is our policy to let external referees know the final outcome of applications they have reviewed after we have communicated decisions to applicants. Referees agree to treat all details of applications and their outcomes as confidential.
  5. When a Panel member is connected with an application, he or she must declare an interest and withdraw from any consideration of that application. That member does not receive documents pertaining to the application, learn the identity of its referees or receive its referees' reports, and does not score the application. He or she must retire from the meeting when the application is assessed. Details of discussion of that application are expurgated from any papers the member receives.
  6. Applicants should not, under any circumstances, directly approach members of the Foundation's Scientific Advisory Panel in connection with their (or another's) research application.
  7. Panel members should refuse any requests for information or feedback from applicants on how a particular judgement was reached.

Anne O'Donnell
Pneumococcal meningitis
Pneumococcal meningitis at 34

If I hadn't had someone in the house with me, I would've stayed in bed and not survived.

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