Discovery Days

MRF funded research

If you are a Member of the Foundation, we offer you a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes at our research projects.

Are you interested in finding out more about the research you are helping to fund? Would you like to meet the research teams and see them in action?

If so, join our Member site visits to institutions where Foundation-funded projects are located.

If you can spare the time to learn about the research, visit a couple of universities around the country each year and write about your site visit, we would love to hear from you.

Site visits:

  • involve people like yourself, who have experience of, or been impacted by, meningitis and septicaemia, in the research aspect of the charity by the most direct means - going to see the work itself.
  • enable you to meet the researchers and see and hear the work being done to combat meningitis and septicaemia - a valuable experience for both you and the scientists.
  • help Foundation fundraisers see how the money is being spent.
  • help to raise awareness of our research by asking Members who site-visit to write an account of their experience for publicity purposes.
  • will enable you to communicate your experience and understanding of our research to other Members.
  Download the site visit application form and send it to

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