Research investment strategy

Meningitis Research Foundation has, as its ultimate goal, the elimination of all forms of meningitis and septicemia. We aim to do this by supporting high quality and innovative research.

Research funded must be of the highest scientific merit, in terms of the importance of the investigation, excellence of the study, ability of the research team, and probability of success. Research proposals must demonstrate clear relevance to the disease area and have potential for clinical or public health benefit.

We are actively inviting well-constructed proposals dealing with prevention of all forms of meningitis and associated infections, improving treatment and outlook for patients, and improving the speed and accuracy of diagnosis.

Our Scientific Advisory Panel and Trustees are currently highlighting the following topics:

  • Research pertinent to prevention of meningococcal disease including studies to evaluate vaccines that have been implemented. 
  • The burden of GBS/neonatal meningitis including research that could contribute to the design of control policies.
  • Research in Africa that seeks to improve outcomes by overcoming barriers to health seeking behaviour and improving prevention, recognition, treatment and health systems. We are particularly interested in projects that lead to practical interventions and partnerships in Eastern Africa.
The Foundation will consider funding basic science, but this must increase understanding of the disease area and have a clearly defined potential for early translation into alleviation of the diseases.

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