Caitlin Baker

Caitlin Baker

We have the huge privilege of being Caitlin’s Family.

From the moment Caitlin was born our love for her was unconditional. It is important for us to acknowledge and accept that something fundamental has changed with Caitlin’s going. Bacterial Meningitis cruelly took Caitlin from us on the 10th of April 2017 at the tender age of 16. With no time to say goodbye we have been left broken hearted. Life will no longer be the same.

We are however thankful for the gift of Caitlin, and know that her soul is now in peace. With all our love and affection Caitlin will always be with us. In our hearts and serenity in our lives and will influence the paths that we take.

Cailtin was born on the 9th of August 2000 to mother Tammy. Big Sister to Ashley – who was her world. Caitlin grew up in Northwood where she attended Frithwood and Harefield Academy prior to attending Haydon School. When joining Haydon School Caitlin was the happiest she has ever been and found a unique and wonderful group of friends.

Growing up around adults, Caitlin always had a mature outlook on life. At only eight Caitlin’s tutors proposed that she begin her GCSE English and Maths.

Modestly confident Caitlin loved acting and at an early age would put on shows for her family. She went on to star in school performances often taking supporting roles in productions and encouraging others to believe in their own abilities.

We have seen Caitlin blossom from birth to grow into a beautiful, mature and compassionate young lady. She is a fundamental part of us and has brought an abundance of love and joy. In Caitlin’s short years she has touched the lives and hearts of many and really made a difference, we are so immensely proud.

Caitlin radiated beauty. She had her own unique style and had a true passion for music and a natural talent for cooking which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Love is the most important thing that Caitlin left us. It is Caitlin’s love, for which she will be forever remembered. We shall never forget you Caitlin and will think of you with love and gratitude a life that was important – and we shall miss you terribly.

We are determined to raise as much money and awareness for Meningitis as possible, and will continue to do so through fundraising events.

Caitlin Your wings were ready but our hearts were not. - We would have given you the world – you got Heaven instead

Go spread your wings our beautiful Gorgeous Angel. We miss you terribly. Love you Always xxx

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    Jamie's NCT friends

    We are so saddened to hear about Caitlin. Our heartfelt sympathies to you, and all her friends and family. With love. xxx

    on 26/05/2017
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    Missing you,darlingxxxx

    on 26/05/2017
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    Lynette McManus

    on 23/05/2017
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    Cassie, Andy, Owen & Lucy xxxx

    Caitlin Our Beautiful angel taken far too soon, our hearts are broken and our life's will never be the same again. We miss you so much. Spread your wings and fly high our beautiful angel 💜💜💜💜

    on 18/05/2017
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    With Love, Hilary & Doug Culverwell

    Thinking of you all..x

    on 18/05/2017

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