Raegan McDiarmid

Raegan McDiarmid

This page is set up in memory of our beautiful little boy Raegan who died of Group B streptococcal (GBS) meningitis.

Raegan was the first born of our beautiful boys; he has an identical twin brother Dylan. The boys were a pair from the start; they spent four days following their birth in a special baby unit due to low blood sugar and during this time looked most settled snuggled in the same cot together. We had hopes for them to be companions for life, to go through each stage together and to always be there for one another.

On Tuesday 8th May 2007, following a very unsettled night, Raegan seemed to have finally settled although we were concerned that he was quite pale and in general seemed off colour. We called our GP but as we awaited a return call our anxieties grew and we ended up taking Raegan to A&E. On arrival there we were told he was to be transferred to children's ward and when we got there things became quite frantic with lots of doctors fussing around him. Finally someone told us that Raegan had a very bad infection and that he required to be transferred to the intensive care unit at Yorkhill hospital for specialist care. We were told at this point that he was very ill. Somehow we remember not being able to accept this and although highly anxious we could not consider he wasn't going to be ok.

When the doctors from Yorkhill arrived they seemed more optimistic, which was relieving and soon we were on our way to Glasgow. Despite a positive night, the next morning we were confronted with the devastating news that a scan revealed significant damage to Raegan's brain and were told that should he survive he would have significant disabilities. After having some hope the night before we again felt such fear and sadness but still nothing else mattered as long as he lived.

Raegan fought on for three days until on Friday 11th of May we decided to take him off the machines supporting him. At 3pm that day he took his final little breath snuggled in between his mummy and daddy.

And we will always be grateful for him, we will always miss him and we love him so much xxxx

Remembering Raegan McDiarmid

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