Jane Kitchin visits Leicester University Department of Genetics

Jane Kitchin visits Leicester University Department of Genetics  Date: 11 January 2012 - 11 January 2012
Location: University of Leicestershire

It is always intimidating setting off on a visit on your own, not knowing if you will find where you are meant to be going and not knowing who you will meet.

However, all worries were completely unjustified in this case. I found the department with ease and everyone was lovely and very friendly – the Department of Genetics staff, the MRF staff members, and my fellow ordinary members of the MRF who had ventured out on this visit.

It was all very informative and we were impressed by the enthusiasm of all the people we met in the Department of Genetics, albeit sometimes my brain wasn’t quick enough to keep up with what they were explaining about their work.

Extracting DNA from banana in a laboratory was more my level. We were told I think, that this practical work had been originally developed for visits from primary (and possibly nursery age children) and was so much more suited to my brain powers!

Overall it was very good to see some of the research work that the MRF is supporting, which of course, and as the name implies, is one of the main aims of our organisation.

From my point of view, the visit also gave me a valuable opportunity to talk to other members of the MRF. I had not been to any MRF functions for some time and had forgotten how supported it makes you feel.

Thank you very much MRF for arranging this visit.