A child at a Make Music with Marvin event Babies and young children are most at risk from meningitis and septicaemia - almost half of all cases are in the under fives.

Every year Meningitis Research Foundation sends thousands of posters and leaflets to parents and other carers of young children throughout the UK and Ireland. This ensures that life-saving information is easily to hand.

The charity also gives awareness talks, and offers in-depth support following cases of meningitis and septicaemia amongst nursery and school children.

We rely on voluntary support to fund our work. You can help Marvin in the fight against meningitis and septicaemia.

Make Music with Marvin

The Make Music with Marvin logo Our friendly monster Marvin loves to make music in any way he can - especially if he can recycle things that his parents have finished using in the home.

Making musical instruments

Marvin has loads of suggestions on how to make musical instruments and the fun kids can have with them. Best of all, they can sing-a-long to Marvin's own special song.


A young girl plays a homemade guitar You can invite family and friends to a sponsored performance.And if you need some help with getting sponsorship money, visit our justgiving page - the quick and effective way of raising money for the Foundation.

If you think your child's nursery/play group/school would like to get involved, or you work at a nursery/play group or school yourself, contact the following for your free Make Music with Marvin pack with your name and postal address:

Contact Us

England & Wales

01454 281814


0131 510 2345

Northern Ireland

028 9032 1283

Republic of Ireland

01 819 6931

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