Mercure Hotel Spa’s ‘Going for Gold’ for MRF

Mercure Hotel Spa’s ‘Going for Gold’ for MRF

17 July 2012

Mercure Hotel’s chain of Spa Naturel health clubs across the UK will be ‘Going for Gold’ in a series of Olympic-themed events over the summer.

On Saturday 28 July, members of Spa Naturel at Brandon Hall Hotel & Spa in Coventry will be running 57 miles on a treadmill in the hotel lobby to raise sponsorship for MRF.

A further nine Spa’s across the UK will also be challenging members to run 57 miles that day (a total of 570 miles which is the distance between the Spa’s taking part).

In the UK and Ireland, around 3,600 people are affected by meningitis and septicaemia each year. One in 10 people who contract the diseases lose their lives and many more are left with life changing disabilities including: brain damage, amputations, hearing loss and epilepsy.

Karen Felimond, Director of Spa and Leisure at Brandon Hall Hotel knows first hand the importance of being aware of the symptoms of the diseases after loosing her husband Marcel Felimond to meningitis in December 2009.

Karen (40) said: “Marcel was rushed to hospital on Boxing Day suffering from symptoms including a severe fever and sickness but we all thought he had the flu. A few hours later I was informed he had passed away. In a matter of hours my fit healthy, gym-going husband had been taken away from me by a disease I did not even know existed in adults.”

Since the death of Marcel, Karen has raised more than £11,000 in his memory and recently been appointed a regional ambassador for MRF.

Eric Darde, Director of Operations at Mercure said: “This is a very worthwhile and rewarding challenge that our members, Karen and our teams are attempting. This disease can strike any age from tiny babies to adults and losing someone so close to meningitis must be devastating. Meningitis Research Foundation does a wonderful job and need the support of individuals and major companies in any way possible. I am fully supportive and proud of the work the Spa Naturel teams are doing to generate much needed funds for such a worthy cause.”

Chris Head, Chief Executive of MRF said: “This is a wonderful initiative and we are delighted that Karen and the members of Spa Naturel are undertaking the ‘Going for Gold’ treadmill challenge on our behalf. Meningitis and septicaemia can affect people of all ages, striking in minutes and killing in hours. We rely on donations from individuals and companies so every penny raised will allow us to continue our vital research into the prevention, detection and treatment of the diseases and keep supporting those affected by them.”

Spa Naturel’s taking part in the ‘Going for Gold’ challenge include: Aberdeen, Rochdale, Blackburn, Bolton, Sheffield, Coventry, Shrewsbury, Bristol, Hythe, Exeter, Cardiff.

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