MenB vaccine success – first results from life-saving vaccine

MenB vaccine success – first results from life-saving vaccine

05 September 2016

The first real-world results showing that the MenB vaccine has been effective in its first year have been presented today. The results show that the vaccine has saved lives. The data was presented at the 20th International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference in Manchester.

  • The vaccine is over 80% (83%) effective against all MenB strains in vaccine-eligible infants
  • MenB cases have nearly halved in vaccine-eligible children within 10 months of the programme

Vinny Smith, Chief Executive of Meningitis Research Foundation said: “These early results are great news for families everywhere. This is the first real-world evidence that shows the national MenB immunisation programme for children under age one is effective and saving lives. We hope that other countries burdened by MenB will now consider protecting their people from this deadly disease, bringing us closer to a world free from meningitis.

“Introducing the MenB vaccine in the UK for babies in 2015 was a major step forward, but restricting the vaccine to only this narrow highest risk age group can never prevent the majority of cases.

"We will continue to convince the UK government that everyone needs protection. We believe that vaccinating teenagers could be the key to achieving this, as it may stop them picking up and passing on the bacteria to others.

“Meningitis and septicaemia can kill in hours, and leave around a third of survivors with life-changing after effects. We will continue to gather evidence and expertise that will unlock protection against MenB for everyone.”

Meningitis Research Foundation is working tirelessly to provide evidence that will help protect everyone from MenB:

You can read more about the Meningitis Research Foundation and Meningitis Now's action plan here:

The action plan provides for the timely delivery of a series of reports and commitments that will enable real and meaningful decisions to be made about issues of fairness in the effectiveness framework the Joint Vaccination and Immunisation Committee (JCVI) uses to evaluate vaccines, the herd protection value of vaccinating adolescents in protecting all, and vaccinating children up to the age of five years.

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