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Here are some links to organisations that, in addition to the Foundation, can provide you with help and support relating to bereavement or the after effects associated with meningitis and septicaemia.

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RNID Information Line

Information service for deaf and hard of hearing people, their carers, families and professionals. UK wide.

RNID Tinnitus Helpline

Information for people with tinnitus, their families and friends. Information on tinnitus clinics and self-help groups. UK wide.

Rosie Crane Trust

The Rosie Crane Trust supports bereaved parents through their grief after the loss of a son or daughter of any age and offer the following services:

The Rosie Crane Trust

Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

For information on how to contact a local speech therapist.


Information and support for people with mental ill health, their families, carers, friends and professionals. UK wide.

Scope Response

Helpline for disabled people with a focus on cerebral palsy, their families and carers. Offers information, support and can also offer a telephone interpreting service to people whose preferred language is not English. Part of Scope. England and Wales.

SNAP Cymru

Information and support to families of children who have special educational needs.  Wales only.


Helpline for people with hip, leg and foot conditions. UK wide.

The Compassionate Friends

Provides support and advice to parents and their families after the death of their son or daughter at any age from any cause

The Ear Foundation

Provides advice and support for deaf children and teenagers with cochlear implants, their parents, carers and local professionals.  Bridges the gap between the work of the specialist clinic and the child's community, where the implant will be used in everyday communications. UK wide.

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