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Here are some links to organisations that, in addition to the Foundation, can provide you with help and support relating to bereavement or the after effects associated with meningitis and septicaemia.

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Depression Alliance

Offering information and support for people affected by depression and their carers.  UK wide.

Disability Alliance – Rights Advice Line

Website for people with disabilities and their families, offering advice on welfare benefits. UK wide.

Disability Living Foundation Helpline

For people with disabilities and their carers, offering advice and information on all aspects of equipment for daily living.  This organisation also has a display centre of disability equipment.  UK wide.

Disability Unit of the Department of Work and Pensions

Provides information for people with disabilities on their civil rights and benefit entitlement. UK wide.

Encephalitis Ireland

Support to help improve the quality of life of those directly and indirectly affected encephalities in the Republic of Ireland.

Encephalitis Society

Support and information for people affected by encephalitis, their families, friends and health professionals.  UK wide.

Enuresis Resource and Information Centre (ERIC)

Information and support for children and young people with bed-wetting, daytime wetting or soiling problems. UK wide.

Epilepsy Action

Offers advice and information for people with epilepsy, their family, doctors and other health professionals. UK wide.

Epilepsy Scotland

Meeting the needs of people with epilepsy in Scotland

Family Fund

Provides grants and information for families who care for severely disabled children under the age of 16.  UK wide.

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