L'etape du Tour

July 2014, Cycling

L'etape du Tour

Cycle your own Tour de France mountain stage

L'Etape du Tour was created in 1993.

The idea behind it was to allow thousands of amateur cyclists to share the emblematic parcours of the month of July, as well as the beauty and toughness of Tour de France mountain stages.

L'Etape du Tour is open to everybody.

Semi-professional cyclists, amateur champions, cycling lovers who are focused on training, but also beginners who want to step up to the challenge. There is a place for everybody in the peloton.
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To participate, it is essential to prepare and train for the race.

You must prepare adequately, since this is a physically challenging race which requires intensive training.

On the other hand, the only requirement needed to validate your participation is providing a medical certificate of fitness to practice competitive cycling.

The mountains lie at the heart of the event. L'Etape du Tour is a travelling race and its location changes every year. It follows the changes in the route of the Tour de France. The exact location is usually announced in the October preceding the cycle.

The roads of the Tour have already led ten times to the Pyrenees, six to the Alps, four to the Central Massif and two to the Mont-Ventoux, after the first twenty editions.

L'Etape du Tour takes place in July. Therefore, it partakes in the atmosphere, the excitement, the craze, the passion present on the roads of the Tour de France.

The race is held a few days before or after the professional race.

While Meningitis Research Foundation places are free, we do ask you that you raise a minimum of £750 in sponsorship.

The race usually starts quite early (7 am), since it lasts a very long time. The last riders usually take over 10 hours to reach the finishing line.
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By becoming part of our team you will be helping to bring a world free from meningitis and septicaemia a step closer.

Meningitis and septicaemia are devastating diseases which can kill or disable in hours. Although anyone of any age can get the diseases, babies, children and young adults are most at risk.

Your contribution will enable us to fund research into the prevention, detection and treatment of meningitis and septicaemia, provide life-saving awareness information and support people who have lost a loved one or are coping with after effects, like Tilly.
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Tilly had amputations as a result of meningococcal septicaemia


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