Applying for a research grant in 2014

Proposals falling within our research investment strategy, dealing with prevention of all forms of meningitis and associated infections, improving treatment and outlook for patients, and improving the speed and accuracy of diagnosis will be considered.

This year, three priority topics have been highlighted. Our Scientific Advisory Panel and Trustees are particularly interested in well-constructed proposals in the following areas:

  • Research pertinent to MenB prevention, in particular, research to evaluate implementation of a MenB vaccine with particular emphasis on the impact on Neisseria meningitidis epidemiology, developing approaches to understanding the molecular basis of vaccine failures, and non-culture cases.
  • The burden of GBS/neonatal meningitis including research that could contribute to the design of control policies
  • Research in Eastern Africa that seeks to improve outcomes by overcoming barriers to health seeking behaviour and improving prevention, recognition, treatment and health systems. We are particularly interested in projects that lead to practical interventions and partnerships.


The deadline for preliminary proposals is Monday 22 September 2014. Proposals will be considered by our Scientific Advisory Panel and full applications invited by Monday 06 October. Full applications will then be due by Monday 01 December. We will inform applicants of the outcome of full applications in late February 2015.

Application Procedure

1. Preliminary Proposal

Using the preliminary proposal form, submit a 2 or 3 page preliminary proposal by e-mail to summarising the work you plan to do, the approximate amount of funding required and the duration of the project. This must include approximately ten lines explaining:

  • how the work described falls within the Foundation’s research strategy and its particular relevance to the priority topics chosen for this research grant round
  • potential for clinical / public health benefit arising from the study
  • why you have chosen to apply to the Foundation for funding for this particular project.
The Foundation will decide whether to request a full application based on this submission according to whether it conforms to the charity’s objectives and research strategy (with particular relevance to this year’s priority topics), its feasibility and whether there is overlap with work already in progress.

Download a preliminary proposal form

2. Full Application

If your preliminary proposal is acceptable, we will send (by e-mail):

  • Application Form
  • Guidance for Applicants 
  • Terms and Conditions of Grant Aid (for information only)
  • Policy on the Use of Animals in Research 
  • Code of Conduct
The application form should be completed with reference to the other documents. The Foundation’s willingness to consider an application does not imply that support will be forthcoming.


When we write to applicants to let them know the outcome of their applications, we provide anonymous versions of referees’ comments, and may also summarise the conclusion reached by the Panel. The identity of referees is never revealed to applicants.

Please note that applicants should not, under any circumstances, directly approach members of the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Panel in connection with their (or another’s) research application.

The Foundation’s decisions are final and no subsequent correspondence will be entered into. Applications that are rejected will not be reconsidered unless resubmission is specifically permitted.

If you have any queries regarding the application process, please email to or

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