Disability rights and benefits

If you have experienced meningitis or septicaemia your life may have changed forever.

The after effects of meningitis and septicaemia can have an impact on your whole family, not just the person who had it. Adapting to this life change may be emotionally, physically and financially exhausting.

If you are living with the after effects, or caring for someone affected, you may have to deal with any number of changes in lifestyle physical, neurological and financial.

The system of disability rights, benefits and access to health services in the UK can appear bewildering, especially if you have been ill or caring for someone.

However, help is at hand. Contact our specialist helpline team. We may be able to answer your enquiry ourselves, or we can signpost you to the relevant professionals, agencies or organisations to assist with your specific needs.

Email: helpline@meningitis.org
Freefone: helpline 080 8800 3344.