Natural development of immunity to meningococcal bacteria

Prevention; University of Bristol.

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  • Researchers:
    Dr Robert Heyderman, Professor Neil Williams
  • Start Date:
    01 January 2001
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  • Location:
    Bristol University, Bristol, UK

Meningitis and septicaemia (blood poisoning) due to meningococcal infection cause substantial death and disability.

In the year 2000, over 3,000 children and adults contracted the disease in the UK, and over 500 in Ireland, and approximately 1 in 12 died.

With the recently introduced Group C meningococcal vaccine proving so successful, attention is now focused on developing a vaccine to protect against Group B meningococcal disease, which is more common.

Natural protection against meningitis and septicaemia through the development of immunity probably occurs after transient contact with meningococcal bacteria in the back of the throat-natural mucosal immunisation.

Previously in work funded by the Foundation the researchers have investigated naturally acquired mucosal immunity to proteins on the surface of the meningococcal bacteria and have established methods to investigate this natural immunity more thoroughly.

The researchers believe that the key to a group B vaccine is one that mimics this natural immunisation process. They now intend to carry out more comprehensive analysis of how naturally acquired mucosal immunity to the meningococcal bacteria happens. This should provide important clues for the design and implementation of new group B vaccines.

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