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Do you have a few hours of free time?

Collections for MRF If you do then collections are one of the easiest ways to raise money and awareness for the Foundation. Below are the different ways to raise money and awareness for the Foundation. Below are the different types of collections you can get involved with.

Simply choose whichever suits you best then get in touch with your local office for all the support, information and resources you need to make your collection a success.

Street or store collections

Are easy ways to raise money for the Foundation all you need is a couple of friends or family to join you then spend a few hours rattling a tin for the Foundation. Your local office will be able to tell you of any upcoming collections in your area or you can organise your own - our fundraising team is there to help you.

House to house collections - Giving together

Are great if you can't spare a lot of time as they involve dropping envelopes through doors in your local area and then returning a few days later to collect the hopefully full envelopes.

Counter top collection boxes

We are always in need of people to look after the many static collection boxes we have in the community. Do you know of a shop or business in your area that would allow us to put a tin on their counter?

Home collection boxes

The easiest way to collect for the Foundation. We can send you a collection box to keep at home or on your desk at work to collect all your small change. Once it's full simply count the money and send it to the Foundation.

Student Collections

If you're a University student then we have a whole range of collections and events organised for you, more information about can be found in our student programme section.

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