Adults Get Meningitis Too 

Meningitis is considered to be a childhood disease, but, in fact, 60% of all cases in the UK occur in people over the age of 15.

It is important that everyone knows the symptoms and acts swiftly when they see them in themselves or another person.



In March 2015 it was a year since the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) recommended that a meningococal Group B meningitis and septicaemia be introduced into the childhood immunisation programme.

We seemed no nearer to protecting our children in the UK from these deadly diseases.

We had one question - #WheresOurVaccine?


Counting the Cost

Counting the Cost was a major campaign where we revealed the shocking lifelong costs of surviving meningitis and septicaemia and called on government to pursue the widest and earliest implementation of vaccines to prevent the diseases.


Meningitis Awareness Week 2014 

Meningitis is still here so make sure you know the symptoms.

During Meningitis Awareness Week 2014 (15 - 21 September) we urge everyone to know the symptoms of the life threatening diseases meningitis and septicaemia.