Sophie Ramo

Viral meningitis at 55

Viral meningitis

My partner was fighting a cold. I felt a little ache and pain and stiffness in my neck and back and thought “I am getting a cold”.

Two days later, on October 20th, I had a welt on my face, the size of a quarter, under the skin, not itchy and not painful.

On the 23rd my face was filled with welts and completely swollen. The welt between my eyebrows was reddish and I had this persistent headache. I went to the doctor who put me on antihistamines, ibuprofen, and antibiotics.

For the next six days my face was better but my headache kept on getting worse. I would particularly feel it when I stood up. I thought I was having high blood pressure. I stopped by the pharmacy to measure my blood pressure which is normally 11 over 70 and I was surprise that it measured 18 over 90.

The next morning I could hardly think or walk and had a terrible nausea. My partner took me to the urgent care. When the cat scan came back negative the doctor recommended a spinal tap. I was diagnosed with aseptic meningitis, given pain killers and anti nausea drugs and sent home.

The first two weeks I was not able to work. I gradually started working from home and putting in two hours at a time, then resting. I was very discouraged weeks later to still have headaches, with extreme fatigue, and struggled to be in noisy places for more than a few minutes.

I was thrilled to find your website along with the very valuable content you provide. It was very helpful to read from other people's experiences and your site about the after effects. I started to feel very low thinking I can't conquer this sickness that the doctor told me I would be over it in four days!

I continue to work from home but am still unable to do any form of physical activity. My headaches come and go in waves and loudness and heat aggravate my headaches. But I am hopeful in achieving full recovery with the passage of time.

Thanks for your services.

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