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Sierra Paige Hendrix

Viral meningitis at 5 months old

Viral meningitis

Hello, my name is Sierra. I survived viral spinal meningitis when I was five months old.

I was staying with my mammaw while my mom was gone to a hair show. Mammaw said I started running a high high fever and had a rash come up within a 10 minute time period.

Mammaw knew something was wrong so she called my mom as soon as we left for the hospital. She took me to my paediatrician Dr Soma; she took one look at me and knew exactly what she had to do. She ran some tests on me and then did an in-office spinal tap.

A few years after (everything was OK) we ran into Dr Soma and she told us that the only other person she had seen with the high numbers like I had died within 20 minutes.

I thank God that I am alive and here today because if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't be here today to tell my story.

I have a little bit of scarring on my back from the spinal tap, but other than that my life is perfectly normal. I am here telling you people to donate to this site it is a good cause and we need the research so that people can survive meningitis like I have and lead a healthy normal life. Thank you!!

Love Always,