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Owen Jennings

Pneumococcal meningitis at 11wks

Pneumococcal meningitis

Owen was a happy boy until he started being poorly on the Thursday. After trips to the GP and out of hours doctors all saying it was a virus, finally on Sunday 17th June 2007 (Fathers’ Day) he got worse.

After another trip to out of hours and being told to go to A&E, within a very short space of time he was being rushed to theatre and put into a drug induced coma. He was put on a ventilator and taken to the Belfast Hospital for Sick Children ICU where he spent a week in a coma.

He had three strokes on the left side of his brain, a blood clot and seizures. He spent four weeks in hospital.

He now has hearing problems, speech problems, is having speech and language therapy and occupational therapy on a regular basis and is in mainstream school with additional support.

He is a very happy boy who’s fought very hard to be the child he is today and for that we are extremely grateful.