Michael Bendicio Arizala

Bacterial Meningitis at 37

Bacterial Meningitis

I'm Michael Arizala aged 37 years and I'm from Antipolo City in the Philippines. I'm the victim of bacterial meningitis.

On 31 July 2012 I got a fever first then I felt vomiting and nausea. After two days I still felt the same and at 6pm my wife took me to hospital because I was unconscious at that time.

In the hospital the doctors did several examinations such as chest x-ray, blood chemistry and a lumbar puncture, until they diagnosed me with bacterial meningitis. The doctors gave me an antibiotic and other drugs to kill the bacteria and after 15 days treatment I felt better. After six months of taking the medicine I slowly recovered but I have severe hearing problems in my right ear and trouble with my eyesight. I cant buy the hearing aid because of lack of money.

I'm still working but I easily become tired and my body is slightly out of balance.

This is my story and I'm still praying for my full recovery.

MAY 2013