Meliya Kwelepeta

Meliya Kwelepeta

My name is Meliya Kwelepeta and I am 23 years years old and live in Ndirande, Malawi.

I have a certificate in HIV and AIDS Management Diploma and I am currently doing an advance Diploma.
I joined Action Meningitis as a Field Worker at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre tracking referrals from primary health centres in September 2013.

My favourite part of my job is helping severely sick children get treated quickly and for them to be saved, I hate it when I see sick children dying.

I think Action Meningitis makes a difference to the people who use the health clinics because with the introduction of ETAT, the children are seen according to the severity of their sickness not who is first in the queue which helps in saving the lives of children.

I did know about meningitis before I joined Action Meningitis and tell my family to be aware of the disease and not to always think a sick child could be suffering from Malaria.

A lot of people still don’t differentiate between malaria and meningitis which is why the information has to start from the health clinics in order to reach out to many people.

JUNE 2014

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