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Janet Adcock

Meningococcal disease at 49

Meningococcal disease

In February 2005 I was on a course in London and I was staying in a hotel during the week. I had flu like symptoms at the weekend and I went to stay with my aunt and uncle.

I went to Charing Cross Hospital on the Sunday, to the walk in centre. I noticed that the light was affecting me as we walked round there.  At the walk in centre I was assessed by a doctor who told me I had pneumonia and sent me away with some antibiotics.

I remember it was Sunday evening and I had some scrambled egg.  I had a bad headache, it was like nothing I have experienced before. Apparently I was then sick and collapsed upstairs. My aunt heard me fall and I had stopped breathing and my lips were blue. My aunt called an ambulance and I was taken to accident and emergency. Once admitted, I think that they thought I wasn't going to make it but some how I pulled through. If my aunt had not heard me fall over I wouldn't be alive today.

I ended up in intensive care for three days and was kept in for a further seven days and I had a rash on my left ankle.

I was off work for 6 weeks in total. After I had been discharged from Charing Cross Hospital I had to go and see my GP. As I work for a large organisation we have an occupational health department and they supervised my return to full time work. I was allowed back part time and was closely monitored to make sure I was okay..

I'm deeply indebted to the staff at Charing Cross Hospital who saved my life.