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Heidi Delahoussaye

Bacterial Meningitis at 28

Bacterial Meningitis

Hi my name is Heidi and I was a couple weeks old when I got meningitis they didn't think that I would live. But I did lol got has keep us here for some reason.

I have suffered my entire life. The pain is unbelievable. And it only got worse as I got older. They didn't think that I would be able to walk correctly and I don't, I have an abnormal gate. I have headaches, pain throughout my entire body, I can't turn my neck without being in unbelievable pain. I have memory lost. It's so bad I take pictures to remember the things I do with my kids, and I use sticky notes like crazy to help me stay on track. I have musical spasms and tremors. I run fever and all of my glands swell. I have a degenerative disease. I have been to so many doctors it's unbelievable. At first the thought I wanted pain meds it's not worth going to a doc when ur young lol.

Then they sent me to a rheumatologist and he said I have fibromyalgia. Lol that's bull and after it got worse over the years and it that time I was 21. I found a doc that truly cares. They check me for every kind of cancer there is. They thought I had ms, muscular dystrophy, and the list goes on and on. I have been check for like everything there is I think expect the jean test they wanted to do but I give up. I don't want to be a human pin cushion anymore. One time they took so much blood I almost pass out. I can't hold wait and that sucks. I get dizzy all the time they call it vertigo. Lol it got so bad one time that the docs thought I was on drugs r had been drinking thus the day they started listening to me when they seen it for themselves.

Take it from me there is no point in going to a doc for this stuff because they will not listen to us anyway. Even after all of this and I have been at it for a while because my youngest daughter shows symptoms like I pass something to her. So I have been fighting forever now. And the hardest part was to get them to believe what I was saying. I wish that someone would figure out y it's doing all of this and make it stop. I have learn that I will never get better no mater how hard I fight. Lol I use to be able to run 10 miles and now I can't run at all.

Oh and I also forgot to motoring that I had mono to when I was 5 was hospitalized for that to and I gave it to my daughter wish someone would have told me I could do that ahead of time. We'll if u can deal with the pain I say keep fighting and good luck. And if anyone ever figures out what to do to stop this plz, plz let me know because I would love to go at least one day of my life without all this pain.

JULY 2012