Ellie Bishop

Meningococcal disease at 14

Meningococcal disease

Hiya, I thought I would write my story to show everyone that it's not that bad if you're different.

I'm Ellie:) I had meningitis when I was five years old and I'm 14 now, terrible teens!

My dad took me to the doctors in February 2005 because I was being sick, but they said it was just a cold, but later on I was rushed in to hospital after my body came out in a dark purple rash. They said I was going to die. I didn't though, that horrible disease took both of my legs just above the knee and my right arm to the elbow and 3 fingers off my left arm away from me!

I never thought I would walk again or ride my horse again. I don't think I knew how hard it would be for me, as I was only a child. But 9 years on I'm as happy as I could ever be. Yes it's been very hard at times, but look at me now!

They said I would never ride a horse again, now riding is my life and something I really enjoy!

I'm in high school now and I'm very happy, I have amazing friends that support me and are always there for me:) yes it's not what I would have wanted to lose my legs, but I've learnt how to get on with it, and I wouldn't change my life for anything!!!