Daniel Graham Halford

Meningococcal disease at 18

Meningococcal disease

Daniel, or Dan as he was known to friends, was a lively young man.

Daniel had spent Monday at Notting Hill Carnival with friends. He had complained of a headache on the Wednesday night and by 6pm Thursday night he was fighting for his life in hospital.

Daniel had complained of a headache and he had taken some paracetomol. Later on he complained of aching legs, we had no idea this was a symptom of meningitis.

He was rushed to hospital the following evening after his dad came home from work to find him collapsed and covered in a rash. Six hours after being induced into a coma and in ITU, Daniel suffered a cardiac arrest and never regained consciousness. He was pronounced brain stem dead four days later.

A huge gap has been left in our lives, a gap that I feel will never be filled.