Bernadetta Payesa

Bernadetta Payesa

Action Meningitis Field Supervisor

Bernadetta Payesa, aged 25, lives in Chileka, Blantyre and is our Action Meningitis field supervisor.

'I joined the team in October 2012 and my role is a field supervisor to go out to the health facilities to make sure triage is being done and that the phones are working correctly. I have to feedback to our project manager Thomasena and D-tree (phone provider) if the phones have any problems.

'Now with the introduction of Chikhwawa, it’s also my role to be visiting the two new health facilities.'

My favourite part of the job is: When triage is working well in the health facilities and sick children get seen quicker.

Her least favourite part of job is: When the phones are not working and when I visit the health facilities and I find them not triaging the children in the queues.

Do you think Action Meningitis will make a difference to the people who use Health clinics in Blantyre and how? Yes I am sure that Action Meningitis is making a difference to people in Blantyre because people in the community are able to get to the facilities using ambulance bikes to seek medical attention, they are more aware of the danger signs with our system of the Chipatala Robot and their children are getting seen quicker if they are urgent cases as the HSA’s are using the phones.

Did you know about meningitis before you joined our project? Yes

Do you tell your friends and family to be aware of the disease and not to always think a sick child could be suffering from Malaria? Yes I do and I do advise them to always go to the hospital as soon as they see a sick child.
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