Abdulrazaaq Wanyama

Meningococcal disease at 12years

Meningococcal disease

Hi. I am a 30yrs old lady with 2 kids.

My 1st child, Abdul Razaq, had meningitis at 4 months.I had prolonged labour of 4 days and he didn’t cry at birth. After a day he started twitching and was taken to nursery for 4 days. I remember he was being given phenobabiton and gentamycin. It stopped, he grew normally and at 4 months he got meningitis. He was treated and since then he grew well though delayed every stage.

What made me worried was when he reached 3yrs and can’t talk. I am a single mum with low income but have tried to take him to speech therapies and medical clinics. He used to have something like epilepsy though happened rarely. He could lose memory shortly for seconds and be back then slept long hours. Luckily it has stopped 2yrs now thanks to God.

For now he still can’t speak well can't roll his tongue, he drools and I think his main problem now is in the mouth. He can’t even close his mouth well unless he holds his lips together. He is jovial, kind, welcoming, good footballer and good memory. I just pray God to help him because being 12yrs now, He is still in year 2 class and has outgrown it.  His classmates are in year 6. I took him to a neurosurgeon and was asked to go for brain scanning.

JUNE 2014