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meningitis & septicaemia can kill in hours!

People who are faced with meningitis and septicaemia have to act fast to help save a life.


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viral meningitis + reactive arthritis

Posted by theresa sheldon on 26 September 2013

Hi, I had viral meningitis in 2009.. its bee a very hard long road to recovery and I finally flet I was getting somewhere just this summer. However I have now developed what seems like reactive arthritis... joint pain moving around from knee, to hip to hands, to feet. The joints are swollen and red, though not hot. My Rheumatoid factor was raised (81) and mhy GP referred me to a |Rheumatologist. Although x-rays of my hands and feet are normal, he suggested I start on Methotrexate. I am reluctant but want to be sure I am not in denial of...

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Doubts about life-long beneficial side effects of Meningitis

Posted by Devdatt Thengdi on 01 August 2013

Hey, I was affected with Meningitis when i was an infant. Well technically i am completely cured. I am 19 now. I want to ask that can Meningitis can have some beneficial long term effects on the victim. Thank You.

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Action Meningitis

Posted by Rachel Perrin, Becky Pierce-Jones, Mary Miller on 05 July 2013

Visiting our project in Malawi

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