Orthopaedic issues after Viral Meningitis

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Posted by Shannon Clodfelter on 14 December 2011

I had viral meningitis when I was 5 1/2 years old. I spent 4 months in the hospital...2 of those were spent in a coma in ICU. After a long rehab, I was able to walk and talk and get mostly back to normal. I have always had orthopaedic issues since. I have several surgeries as well as the bladder and kidney issues. Two years ago I had an Interstim Neurostimulator implanted because of the nerves and muscles in my lower back did not allow my bladder to empty. Kidney infections became a norm. Thankfully that has stopped! I am facing a knee replacement and am having a hard time making the decison to do it. I am seeking advice from any others that have had a replacement. I am turning 40 soon and would like to have my quality of life back. My activity level has been decreased for the last 8 months...drastically! I dont want my fear of surgery and outcome to limit my life. This is such a great place for info and sharing. I have read a few stories that sounded just like me! That is amazing to me. Thank you all for sharing.

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Posted on 16 December 2011

Comment by Lisa Ross Faust

Shannon - 90% chance your viral meningitis was caused by an enterovirus infection - we are finding they are becoming persistant.
(they have many names, Coxsackie, Echovirus, EV71, Polio) and all the things you experienced ... from the sound of it, were triggered by the virus making it's way through your body. They affect the entire nervous system and can cause muscle dysfunction ... from the heart to the bladder ... gallbladder to esophogus ... you name it. I am sorry this has affected you like this. My advice is to do everything you possibly can to improve your immune system prior to surgery. I have had many chronic conditions since my infection. If your Vitamin D count is low boost that ... I actually take 5000 IUs D3 as per my internist and that will help you heal as it supports your bones and overall health including infections. It is simple and inexpensive but is a daily thing. What no one realizes is how the virus will deplete the body of vital minerals as we never get them checked. You are more than welcome to reach out if you would like more ways to improve your health. I wish for you good health!! :)

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