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Posted by irwin Joseph Kaufer on 23 May 2013

I was hospitalized in 1952 and quarantined for two weeks upon soon after entering the service. Many years later I developed back problems which perrsisted throughout my life. I am eighty-three now and having severe back pain. Could there be any correlation? Thank you.

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Posted on 12 June 2013

Comment by Dawn Bader

I was also quarantined with spinal meningitis in 1979. Military records state. "Allergy to shot caused spinal meningitis". I does not state which type of meningitis only spinal. I am now having anxiety, moody swings and severe back and neck trouble. My doctors state at my age they do not understand the severity. I'm 52 always been active, eat resonably healthy, and have never been overweight. I would love to hear if you find out more Joseph as I am beginning to think these conditions may be after effects. I have found this blog and others comments and concerns to be very interesting.
Does anyone know if there is a doctor or specialist that may be seen to help someone look into the after effects more closely???

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